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On this page, you can select which episode of The Cerebral Faith Podcast you want to listen to. The Cerebral Faith Podcast consists of episodes in which I defend arguments for God’s existence, the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection, respond to atheistic arguments, blog posts, YouTube videos, and memes, but I also interview Christian Apologists & Theologians to promote their books, or talk about other things with them.

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The Cerebral Faith Podcast
The Cerebral Faith Podcast
The Cerebral Faith Podcast
This podcast talks about the arguments for God's existence, the historical evidence for Jesus' resurrection, the toughest objections skeptics pose against the Christian faith, theological issues like soteriology and eschatology (i.e the doctrine of the last days), and so much more. Listen to this podcast (hosted by apologist Evan Minton) whether you are already a Christian, a hardcore skeptic, or a spiritual seeker, and you will discover that you can be a Christian BECAUSE of using your brain rather than in spite of using it.
Episode 53: Why I Became An Annihilationist (Part 1)
by Evan Minton

Annihilationism is the view that the damned in Hell are, well, annihilated. In episode 28 of this podcast, Evan Minton defended the character of God from several objections from skeptics based on the doctrine of Hell. He defended the eternal torment view of Hell and argued that this is not incompatible with God’s nature. Minton no longer holds the view that the wicked in Hell are conscious for eternity. Minton is now an annihilationist. In this episode, Minton goes into the positive case that convinced him to change views. 

Article Mentioned In The Podcast: “ON THE MEANING OF DESTRUCTION IN THE BIBLE” by Darren J. Clark, — http://rethinkinghell.com/2019/04/18/on-the-meaning-of-destruction-in-the-bible/

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