I blog, podcast, do interviews, and make YouTube videos. The last of those are very, very involved projects. I also write books from time to time. That means a heck of a lot of time needed to research. I also have two elderly parents I need to care for and a special sister I likewise need to care for. And not only do I need to care for them, but I like to interact with them from time to time.

Consequently, I have 15-30 minutes per day for personal email. That means that while you can contact me below, I want you to take some things in consideration before you send your e-mail.

Your question may already be answered in a blog post in the BLOG section of my website or my PODCAST. You should also search my YouTube channel. The search field is in the upper right-hand corner. If your question can be found on my website or YouTube, I will not reply to it via email.

This disclaimer also means that I will not: 
  • Read books for you in order to render an opinion on them for you. My time for research is unfortunately quite limited. 
  • Watch videos to render comment … 
  • Listen to podcast episodes to render comment …

The things in bullet points 2 and 3 are not blanket rejections. I MAY choose to watch a video or listen to a podcast episode to render comment in the form of a response post or response podcast, but do know that I get A LOT of these requests. I’m not God, who can answer millions of prayers at once. I’m a single man who, a long with my tripartite ministry, needs to eat, sleep, take care of two old people and a special needs sibling, and occasionally would like to do something fun like play a video game or watch a TV show. 

There are three reasons I would want you to contact me.  

1: A question for a Q&A Article. 

I have a Q&A Article feature on my website very similiar to William Lane Craig’s “Question Of The Week” on ReasonableFaith.org. If you have any questions about The Bible, objections to the arguments For God’s existence, objections to Christianity you’ve heard from a friend or something, you can e-mail your question to me and I will respond in the form of a blog post. Your identity will not be revealed in the blog post, nor will your e-mail address or your location. The only thing that will be featured is your e-mail and first name plus my response to it. 

2: Problems With The Site. 

If there are any typos or formatting errors in one of my blog posts or if one the links I mention in a blog post doesn’t work, I want you to contact me so that I can fix it. This website has moved to a WordPress format from the previous Blogspot format, and there were many times in which I would reference another one of my articles and link to it. I tried to fix all of these so that, if you’re reading a post and I mention and link to “The Kalam Cosmological Argument”, it will take you to the WordPress location of that article rather than blogspot. However, I have written over 400 blog posts and there’s a good chance I missed a few. If you encounter any incorrect links, let me know. 

Email: cerebralfaith@gmail.com