Welcome to Cerebral Faith; a web based ministry devoted to showing people that Christianity is true and is a rational worldview to believe. It’s a Christian Apologetics ministry.On this website, you’ll find a plethora of blog posts, podcast episodes, and YouTube videos on such topics as Arguments for God’s existence – like the Kalam Cosmological Argument, The Cosmic Fine-Tuning Argument, The Local Fine-Tuning Argument, The Moral Argument, The Ontological Argument -, the logical and evidential problems of evil, The Minimal Fact argument for The Resurrection of Jesus, the creation/evolution controversy, theological topics like soteriology, Molinism, the creation/evolution debate, and more. Basically, on this website you’ll find blog posts, podcasts, and videos on practically any topic really relevant to showing people that Christianity makes sense. 

Donations help with ministry expenses like my web host, research materials (books, peer reviewed articles behind pay walls, et. al.), subscriptions for things like StreamYard and Canva which I employ to make visual content. A donation can be as big or as small as you want. It can be only a one time thing, or recurring. How much and how often you give (or whether you even give at all) is entirely up to you.

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The Blog

On the blog, you’ll find articles about various topics from arguments for God’s existence, the problem of evil, the resurrection of Jesus, Genesis 1-11, and many more topics. There are also book reviews, and articles I write in response to questions I receive over e-mail. 

The Cerebral Faith Podcast

If reading isn’t your thing, perhaps listening is. On The Cerebral Faith Podcast, you’ll find podcast episodes in which I monologue on many of the topics I’ve blogged about. In addition, I often interview top notch scholars about various topics; either to help them promote a book or to respond to an article or video. 


Are you more of a visual learner? Then perhaps the Cerebral Faith videos are for you.