Jesus' Resurrection

There is good historical evidence that Jesus of Nazareth died via Roman crucifixion and subsequently rose from the dead three days later.

The Evidence For Jesus' Resurrection (Series)

I've written articles on the evidence for Jesus' resurrection in the past, and I even devoted two chapters to it in my book "The Case For The One True God" However, the evidence was far more powerful and plenteous than I was able to present in those writings. So, I decided to write an entire series on the case for the resurrection of Jesus. This 10 part series is meant for those who want in depth research into the historical evidence for Jesus' resurrection.

This series, unlike the one to the left, defends the historical truth claims of Christianity via a Maximal Data Approach. I spend several articles establishing that the gospels are historically reliable, and then I argue for Jesus’ deity, death, and resurrection on that supposition. 

The Existence Of Jesus

"Whether we like it or not, Jesus of Nazareth undoubtedly existed." - Bart Ehrman

The Historical Reliability Of The New Testament

The New Testament Documents are trustworthy.