You are currently viewing My Defend Talk “Making The Maximal Data Argument For Jesus’ Resurrection Attractive”

My Defend Talk “Making The Maximal Data Argument For Jesus’ Resurrection Attractive”

On January 2 2024 I gave my first ever talk at a Christian Apologetics conference at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The name of the talk was titled “Making The Maximal Data Argument For Jesus’ Resurrection Attractive”. I recounted the entire trip in a blog post here.

It took a while, but The Defend talks have finally been made available to the public. I’m considering putting my slides up along with the audio in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (depending on whether I do it on my iPhone or on my new PC). After all, it is my talk and I have a pretty good idea of where I was in the presentation slide-wise. On the other hand, I might not do that since I gave basically the same talk on the Faith Unaltered web show recently on YouTube (see below). But regardless of what I decide to do on that, here’s the link to my talk in pure audio.

Click the link below to listen to the talk.

Also, as promised in the talk, here is a link to my slides. –>

By the way, like I said, recently I was on the Faith Unaltered Podcast which is both a video web show as well as an audio podcast, and I basically gave the same talk there, but there was also a much longer Q&A session where I answered questions from the hosts and from those in the live chat. So if you’re interested in that as well, that will be available to view below.

I hope you enjoy and are edified by these. Peace out, God bless, and keep using the brains that God have you.

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