Interpreting Genesis 1

In this section, you will find blog posts in which I defend the interpretation of Genesis 1 that I think is most likely correct. It's called "The Cosmic Temple Inaguration View" or "The Functional Origins View".

Animal Death Before The Fall

A lot of Christians object to any form of old earth creationism because they think The Bible precludes any death of any kind before the first human sin. In these articles, I show why these objections fail.

Concordism VS. Accomodationism

Did God intend to teach scientific truths in The Bible?

Adam and Eve

In this section, you'll find blog posts in which I explain how a historical Adam and Eve are compatible with biological evolution, as well as other theological and historical questions about Adam and Eve.

Evolution and Atheism

In this section, you'll find blog posts in which I explain how atheism is not a logical entailment of Darwinian Evolution being true.

Genesis Primeval History Paper Series

In this section, you'll find a series of papers that I wrote exegeting and commentating on the first 11 chapters of Genesis - what scholars call "The Primeval History Period" of The Bible. These papers are longer than the average blog posts you'll find on this website, so they're all downloadable as PDFs.

The Genesis Flood

Did the flood described in Genesis actually occur? And if did, was it global or local? In this section, I answer these questions.

Promoting Civil Discourse Between YECs, OECs, and ECs

The debate on how to interpret Genesis, how old the Earth is, and whether evolution happened can be heated among Christians. More often than not, it gets ugly. We need to treat each other better over this disagreement.