For your convenience, I’ve categorized the blog posts by subject matter. Just click on one of the sections below and it will show you either all of the subsections or a list of blog posts. 

Arguments For God's Existence

Contrary to what atheists will typically say, there are very good reasons to believe that God exists. On this page, I've archived articles in which I defend the premises of these arguments as well as respond to objections to them.

Creation and Evolution

The Doctrine of Creation is the theological doctrine that teaches that God created everything that exists. Among Christians, there are disputes on the secondary details on this though. Among the views of creationism that Christians take; there are three broad categories: Young Earth Creationism, Old Earth Creationism, and Evolutionary Creationism. I myself take the Evolutionary Creationist position and in the articles below, I give justification for my view.


Molinism is a theological system formulated in the 16th century by a Jesuit Priest named Luis De Molina. Molinism attempts to reconcile God's Sovereignty with Libertarian Free Will, and I believe it does so successfully. It can also be applied to other areas of theology such as soteriology, divine inspiration, and evolutionary creationism. These blog posts explain and defend Molinism.

The Doctrine Of The Trinity

This library contains a list of blog posts I’ve written defending two of the most central doctrines of the Christian faith; the deity of Jesus and The Trinity. When you find a blog post that interests you, simply click on the name of the article, and it will immediately take you to the blog post so that you can read it.

The Soul

"You don't HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body." - C.S Lewis


Blog posts I didn't really know what category to put them under.

Responses To Atheist Arguments

It's important that Christians be able to refute challenges raised against Christianity by atheists. Hence, in this section, I have chosen several challenges that atheists will pose to Christians and linked to the blog posts I've written where I address them.


Blog posts exegeting Bible passages regarding the end times.

Hermenuetics 101

Take a free course on biblical hermenuetics (i.e biblical interpretation) in this multi part blog series. .


Blog posts in which I express my thoughts on Roman Catholic doctrines.

Christian Life Issues

This is a library of all of the blog posts I’ve written on multiple different issues that pertain to the Christian. In these blog posts I answer questions Christians have about a variety of different issues such as “Should Christians Marry Non-Christians?”, “How should I pray and what I should I pray for”, and so on. Scroll the list of blog posts until you find a topic you’re interested in. Click on the name of the article and it will take you directly to the article so that you can read it.

Conference Trips

This is a library of all of the blog posts I’ve written detailing my trips to conferences I've attended/spoken at.

The Historical Jesus

This section catalogues blog posts I've written on the historical Jesus. The blog posts below deal with proving that Jesus existed, that He died on the cross and rose from the dead, and other issues related to this man from Nazareth.


This page contains all of the blog posts I've written concerning the topic of Arminianism VS. Calvinism. I myself am an Arminian (of the Molinist variety), and I believe Calvinism grossly, grossly distorts The Bible's teachings on soteriology and impugns the character of God. These blog posts were written to explain why Arminianism is the biblical position and why Calvinism is not.

Logical Fallacy Series

This section contains all of the blog posts I've written on logical fallacies.

Christian Witnessing

The blog posts are for Christians to learn how to more effectively engage in dialogue with non-Christians.

Difficult Bible Questions

As we go through the holy Word of God and develop our understanding of what it teaches, there always arise difficult biblical questions. I do my best to answer these questions in this library of articles.

Book Reviews

I post reviews of books I've read here, as the name of this section suggests.


Post about theories of knowledge.

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