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Q&A: Are The Nephilim Still Around?

I’m a student from eastern europe ;First of all i would like to thank you for your work
now, the questions at hand: 1)Do the nephilim seed still exists today?
2)if so, are they aware of it? are they still an abomination fighting against the Kingdom, or can they get saved by Jesus like the rest of humans? How should a present day Christian react to such facts?
PS: if you already answered this questions ,i’m sorry for bothering (i didn’t find them on website)
May God bless you with wisdom, power and a beautiful life in His service
All the best,

I would say no, the Nephilim seed has not persisted to the present day. Based on the biblical data, the Nephilim seem to no longer be a problem past the time of King David, and you certainly don’t see any giants walking around in the gospel narratives or in the book of Acts. As Michael Heiser explains in his blog post “The Giant Clans and The Conquest”, the purpose of the conquest wasn’t simply to destroy all the evil unrepentant Canaanites (assuming that God did literally mean to destroy them), and it wasn’t just to defeat their army so they could conqur the land. They were on a Nephilim extermination mission.  Now, of course, as Heiser points out in the aforelinked blog post, it took a while but I think they were pretty much gradually driven to extinction. 

And if you doubt that, just look around. How many Nephilim do you meet? Now, granted there are people with a disorder known as “gigantism” where they can grow to great heights, but I don’t think we should start wondering if these people are Nephilim. For one thing, scientists know what causes so-called gigantism and it isn’t having an angel for a Father. 

As an article on GARD explains: 

“Gigantism is abnormally large growth due to an excess of growth hormone (GH) during childhood, before the bone growth plates have closed (epiphyseal fusion). It causes excessive growth in height, muscles, and organs, making the child extremely large for his or her age. Other symptoms may include delayed puberty; double vision or difficulty with side (peripheral) vision; prominent forehead (frontal bossing) and a prominent jaw; headache; increased sweating (hyperhidrosis); irregular periods; large hands and feet with thick fingers and toes; thickening of the facial features; and weakness.”1 

This is actually kind of a handicap when you think about it. But look at the giants in The Bible. They weren’t weak, they didn’t seem to have vision problems as far as we can tell.  

Now, the real question is whether or not the Nephilim will return. How one would answer this question depends on one’s eschatology. As a Partial Preterist, I would say no. At least there’s nothing in predictive prophesy that indicate that they’ll come back. But some futurists who have a supernaturalist view of Genesis 6:1-4 do think that as part of the Anti-Christ’s evil plans, he’ll bring the Nephilim back. This is talked about in, for example, Giants, Fallen Angels, and the Return of the Nephilim: Ancient Secrets to Prepare for the Coming Days” by Dennis Lindsay. But of course, if the Nephilim will return, that implies that there aren’t any right now. 


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